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The Jade Collection

Spring Showers Candle 7oz

Spring Showers Candle 7oz

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Introducing our spring collection's newest addition - the Spring Showers Candle! This one-of-a-kind blend features a lovely mix of floral, garden mint, and a dash of spice with tomato vine. If you're a fan of earthy scents, this experimental blend is a must-try! The whimsical blueish green color of the candle, paired with the white wax flower design on top, gives off a refreshing and watery vibe, perfect for the spring season.

Burning guide: This candle has a white flower wax top and so besides the standard trim every 4 hours. due to the extra height of this top I would recommend after the flower at the top has completely melted do one maintenance trim once the top is perfectly flat to alleviate potential mushrooming. 

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