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Southern Iced Tea Waxmelt

Southern Iced Tea Waxmelt

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Savor the exquisite aroma of Peach, Green, Jasmine, Sweet Floral, and Musk, without the hassle of a fire hazard, thanks to our Southern Iced Tea Waxmelt! Enjoy the benefits of these wax melts - which are a more affordable and flame-free option compared to candles - by using a wax melt dish warmer. To use, plug in the warmer, switch it on, and add the desired amount of wax melt into the dish. When cleaning the dish, just put it in the freezer for fifteen minutes and the cooled wax will easily slip off when the edges are tapped. Just two out of six blocks of our wax melts could fill up a living room, with the scent then lingering for a minimum of eight to ten hours. As scent types and room sizes vary, the preferred amount of wax melts may also differ.


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