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Lavender Driftwood Waxmelt

Lavender Driftwood Waxmelt

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Discover the luxury of Lavender Driftwood Waxmelt, a tantalizing scent of floral with deeper notes of cypress, cedar, and amber. Enjoy a fragrant ambience without any fire risks—wax melts are flameless and a more affordable alternative to candles! Start out with a dish warmer that plug into the wall, put the desired amount of wax-melt into the dish, and flip the switch. Cleaning is a breeze: just place the dish in the freezer for 15 minutes and the cooled wax will come right out. During testing, two blocks of Lavender Driftwood Waxmelt filled a living room and lasted 8-10 hours. Results may vary based on scent and room size.


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