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Fruity Pebbles Type Waxmelts

Fruity Pebbles Type Waxmelts

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A zesty blend of lemon, orange, lavender, and corn cereal notes create a yummy scent with a base of vanilla and sandalwood! (No bowl required). Keep your home smelling delightful without worry of open flames. Waxmelts give you the same great aromas but at a fraction of the cost of candles. Plus, they're simpler to use; you just plug in your wax warmer, pop in your wax, and voila! To clean up, put the dish in the freezer for 15 minutes—when you tap the edges, presto! Wax slides right out.


During testing I found that 2 out of 6 blocks fill up my living room and last for on average 8-10hrs+ (could last longer or shorter depending on the scent) Your preferred amount could be different based on scent type and room size. 

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