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Fallen Leaves Waxmelt

Fallen Leaves Waxmelt

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Fill your space with the olfactory pleasure of our Fallen Leaves Waxmelt - a perfectly balanced fragrant blend of Green Stem, Lemon, Cedar Leaf, Pine, Spiced Fruit, Floral Melange, and Earthy Musk. Enjoy the cozy cinnamon goodness of fall while avoiding pesky fire hazards! Waxmelts offer the same scented luxury as candles at a lower price point - just plug in a dish warmer, add your waxmelt, and voila! To easily remove cooled wax, put the dish in the freezer for 15 minutes and it'll slip right out when you give the edges a tap. In our testing, 2 out of 6 blocks filled a living room for 8-10 hours (or more depending on scent strength and room size). So why not give it a whirl?


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