Collection: Wax-melts | A Safer Candle Alternative

Fill your rooms with amazing fragrances without much risk of fire hazard! Wax melts are a lower cost and flameless alternative to candles! Typically you first use a dish warmer that you typically plug into the wall, flip the switch, then place the desired amount of your wax-melt into the dish.

Cleaning tips: If you use a warmer with a separate dish that sits on top, an effective way to remove the wax is to place the dish in the freezer for 15 minutes and the cooled wax will simply slip out when the edges are tapped!

During testing I found that 2 out of 6 blocks fill up my living room and last on average 8-10hrs+ (could last longer or shorter depending on the scent) Your preferred amount could be different based on scent type and room size.